My New Camera

Get ready for a whole new level of blogging, because guess what – I bough a new camera! I haven’t owned a camera in ages – maybe 7 years or so? I’ve always just relied on friends or used my iPhone, which means I had no idea how advanced these things have gotten!

After careful deliberation, a lot of blog reading, and more google searches than I would like to admit, I finally made a choice. I went with a sony mirrorless camera – it’s sort of a combination between a dslr and your compact camera. It’s pretty sweet and it takes tons of pictures really fast!! I opted for the older model (A5000) because it fit my price point (it was on sale to boot!) and because I’m still just a beginner. At the end of the day, a viewfinder just wasn’t worth a whopping extra $300! I’ll just guesstimate if I have to, and my bank account will thank me for it!

I can’t wait to try this puppy out. It connects wirelessly and has a ton of cool features. Sparks was the lucky model for the first few shots …






Now it’s time for me to make dinner and put this thing in action!

Share your thoughts below.