Full Bellies

This past weekend our neighbors came over for a small dinner party. Now these are not your average neighbors, I cannot tell you how many times they have come to our rescue. Whether it is locking ourselves out of the condo, returning to a vehicle with a dead battery, or needing an emergency walk for Sophie…they have been there. Could you imagine any better?! Not only are they great company, but Sophie has found a best buddy in their dog, Mila.

After debating about the menu for weeks, I finally settled on:

Saffron Risotto with Broccoli

Green Beans

Top Sirloin Steaks with St. Laurent Steak Spice

Freshly baked baguettes

Chocolate Soufflés with Vanilla Bean ice cream




The dinner party finally gave me a reason to use our new green plates…Aren’t they lovely!



photo 1

All in all it was an excellent night filled with great food, great conversation, and lots of laughter.

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